About Affect Consulting

Affect Consulting is a specialised consulting business dedicated to helping growing businesses attain holistic business wellness. Central to a business’s prosperity is well-being, which can be defined as the synergy between financial stability, leadership effectiveness, and team productivity.

Under the guidance of Dr. Kerryn Powell and her team, a seamless connection is cultivated between leadership, team and business. This approach enables us to evaluate and gauge the overall health of the business, spanning all aspects and tiers.

We invite you to complete our Business Well-Being Scorecard and connect with Kerryn for a complimentary Discovery Consultation.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”- African Proverb
“If you want to change your business, then learn to lead!”- Kerryn Powell
“Leadership is a choice you make, not a place you sit.”- Robert F.Tucker

Our Services

DISCLAIMER: All these services are offered in-person or online as per client requirements.


Dr. Kerryn Powell, a seasoned professional and founder of Affect Consulting, is passionate about unlocking the true potential of leaders, teams, and businesses by helping them overcome their perceived and actual limitations.

With a background in finance, teaching, consulting, training, and facilitation, Kerryn empowers others to reach their full potential. She holds a Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) through UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership, where Kerryn explored Ubuntu in an organisational leadership context and developed and validated a measure. Ultimately, Kerryn is a Business Well-Being advisor, facilitator, speaker and coach, helping leaders, teams, and organisations achieve positive change and move forward.

Kerryn’s core values include an intimate relationship with God, authenticity, personal growth, meaningful work, and integrity. In addition, Kerryn believes in cultivating long-term relationships with her clients as this is when lasting change occurs, which further solidifies her commitment to promoting effective and values-aligned business leadership in the professional world.

i3 Profiling is a trait-based assessment highlighting a person’s individuality, thus enabling them to embrace and leverage who they truly are. It is essentially about productivity and well-being – how a person performs best and where a person performs best. This, in turn, builds self and social awareness, ultimately leading to higher levels of confidence and emotional and social intelligence, which are key elements of effective leadership and team productivity.


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