With the use of various business methodologies and other organisational surveys, Kerryn takes a structured, tailor-made and interactive journey through your business, running a health check, and ascertaining where you’re at and how to get to where you want to go.

This can be rolled out individually or in a collaborative group format where like-minded entrepreneurs will grow their businesses and learn from each other.

i3 Profiling is used to heighten individual, leader and team awareness, leading to increased effectiveness and productivity.

i3 is a tool that identifies the unique combination of a person’s individual, instinctive indicators and provides insight into their most productive environment.  

Using custom made surveys, Kerryn formulates the right questions to produce a working report you can implement into your business.

Business Consulting

Productivity Coaching

Organisational Surveys

Your employees and customers are the heart and cogs of your business. To ensure that they are happy and that you are providing them with what they need, Kerryn implements surveys whereby these outcomes can be measured.

Because each person’s profile is unique to them it helps them build an awareness of their strengths and also leads them to increased confidence of who they are and what they have to contribute.  The online assessment takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete and the report feedback is delivered verbally during a one-on-one session.


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We all want to unlock our true potential, but few know how.  Affect Consulting was born from the desire to assist others, from individuals to teams, from communities to businesses, in identifying their values and from there aligning these to their everyday lives, both personal and work related.   Once that is in place, one’s true potential can be brought to the front, nurtured and taken to new heights.

Through Affect Consulting, Kerryn uses a collaborative process to identify where change needs to occur by exploring the individual’s, the team’s and/or the businesses’ current health status. This way Kerryn ascertains and measures the well-being of the business across all its dynamics and levels and then designs a strategic plan with her clients that is rolled out in order to implement the desired changes.

Kerryn makes use of a few invaluable tools during this process to ascertain where your business needs focused assistance, where your managerial competence is sitting and how effective your leadership is.

These tools include the i3 Personality Assessment, which was designed to increase self-awareness and enable stronger relationships within teams. In addition, various business methodologies and custom made organizational surveys are used to further focus on the various elements of running a business.  With her knowledge, expertise and focused tools, Kerryn is able to facilitate you, your team and your business through the intricacies of running a successful business.

I am a consummate and tenaciously positive person and I believe my success has come to me because of this.  I am a bit of a dog with a bone, in the nicest way possible, of course, always pushing through, looking for the right solution to the problem at hand.

Essentially, I am a business well-being advisor, facilitator and coach, assisting individuals, teams and organisations to strive for positive change with the view to improving their current situation.  My life is built on my core values of an intimate relationship with God, authenticity, personal growth, meaningful work and integrity.

Having lived in rural and isolated areas all my life, currently off the grid in Northern KZN on a 30 000ha game reserve, I have developed a strong sense of “making a plan” and doing my best where I am with what I have. This has also instilled the importance of learning and growth, which is something that each one of us can do regardless of where we find ourselves. I love inspiring, encouraging and helping others to grow and develop beyond their comfort zones and circumstances, in order to reach their full potential

I started working for myself in 2012 and registered Affect Consulting in 2015. Calling on my years of experience in the teaching, consulting, training and facilitation arena, as well as my Masters in Business Leadership (MBL), I help others in finding their full potential.  Over the years I have built up my expertise in education management, corporate training and facilitation, public speaking, coaching and the management of projects in the education and food industries.

My motto is, “If you want to change your life, then learn to lead!”


Do you need to measure something in your organisation? The business climate? The extent your business values are being adopted? The impact of a programme you have implemented and where to improve?