The Business Well-Being Scorecard

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To help you understand your current Business Well-Being situation, rate your reaction to each pair of phrases. Decide where you lie on the scale from 1 - 5.

My business/ team is over-reliant on meMy business/ team performs well without my constant involvement
Cash flow is a constant challenge in my businessMy business generates enough cash for payments as they fall due
I am not sure how profitable my business isI carefully monitor the margins and profitability of my business
My business's financial planning and process is inefficient - I struggle to access the information I need to make good business decisionsI have access to my business's financial information in real time, which supports my decision making
I am not achieving my full potential as a business leaderI am achieving my full potential as a business leader
I am feeling disconnected from the vision and mission of my businessAs a business leader, I constantly live out and talk about the vision and mission of my business
I feel misaligned with myself and with my teamI have high levels of self and social awareness which enables me to be emotionally and culturally intelligent
When I think of the future of my business, I feel overwhelmed and exhaustedI am inspired by the growth prospects of my business and I have a clear succession plan and exit strategy in place
My team's level of morale is lowMy team has an entrepreneurial spirit and is highly motivated
In my business, absenteeism and staff turnover is highIn my business there are long standing and loyal employees who have a balanced approach to their work
My team often displays a silo mentalityMy team works together to achieve our shared direction
My team is not very productiveMy team is highly productive, achieving many of the goals we set together

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